Why You Should Buy A Luxury Villa in Noida Extension?

Why You Should Buy A Luxury Villa in Noida Extension?

The Noida Extension is a must-visit village if you are looking for a villa in Noida with excellent infrastructure and amenities! Noida Extension houses about 10,000 families in a case where many builders are managing the process.

There are many reasons why the luxury villas in Noida Extension are in high demand nowadays. However, you might be confused if you should buy or not.

Reasons to Consider:

Here are a few reasons why you should consider buying a luxury villa.

1.  World-Class Planning & Infrastructure:

Greater Noida is Asia’s First City with a master plan made 30 years before it had any infrastructure. It is known to very few people that the master plan included factors such as:

  • Big shopping malls.
  • Best facility hospital in residential areas.
  • KP5 to be a dedicated area for educational institutes.
  • To build a range road for greater connectivity.

2.  Affordable Prices:

With many amenities and services, villas in Noida Extension are available in a range of 2, 3, and 4 BHK villas in Greater Noida West at very affordable prices.

2 BHK villas start from Rs. 27 Lakhs onwards (includes 2 bedrooms, a hall, and kitchen) 3 BHK villas from Rs. 39 Lakhs onwards while 4 BHK villas are starting from Rs. 60 Lakhs onwards.

3. Accessible Location :

With many amenities and services, luxury villas in Noida Extension are available in a range of 2, 3, and 4 BHK configurations at very affordable prices.

  • In Noida, it’s near to the IT industries that it is easily accessible to job-producing areas.
  • Noida is close to IT industries, which also makes it convenient to reach employment-producing areas.
  • In Ghaziabad, it’s connected to Siddharth Vihar Road and Indirapuram road. And a big 90-meter wide road that joins Gaur Chowk to NH-24.

4. Quality Builders :

Builders will launch big projects in the near future, such as Arihant, Gaur’s, Super Tech, Amrapali, and Anjara.

There are three developers who have developed townships in Noida Extension:

  • One has built a 250-acre development.
  • Super Tech has five projects.
  • Amrapali has nine.

5. Investment Option :

Noida Extension proves this statement true with its good price and excellent investment options. Noida Extension has ready to move in villas in Noida extension of approximately 4000psf in some cases, others are under construction, and some are about to be completed.

Sindhuja Villas in Noida Extension

Final Thoughts!

Noida Extension is a good place to book value to your luxurious life by buying the independent villas in Noida Extension. However, make sure to go with CLP (Construction Linked Payment Plan) before buying to avoid overpaying to builders. Buy your dream villa with a good amount of research and choose wisely to have a comfortable stay in your home.

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